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VOLUME 8 NO. 1, JUNE, 2018

ISSN: 2276 – 9692


Access and Quality of Entrepreneurship Education at the Secondary School Level in Nigeria, a New Horizon – Prof. B. U. Maduewesi and Dr. S. A. Ugwu 1

Underfunding: Challenges to University Education in Rivers State – Chinda Nnokam Nyege, Ph.D; Chinyere O. Agabi, Ph.D and Harrison Anthony 14

Internationalization of Human Resource Accounting: Disclosures in Financial Statement in Nigeria Firms
Samait Oluwatoyin Afolabi, Ph.D and Nneka Rita Udoye, Ph.D 32

Technical Vocational Education and Training (TVET) and Entrepreneurship for Sustainable Industrialization – Adamu Maidallah Abdullahi 41

Teachers Attitudes and Opinions towards Male-Female Sexual Relationships among Students of Secondary Schools in Ondo East and West Local Government Areas of Ondo State, Nigeria – Joseph Olusegun Adelusi and J. A. Adegboyega, Ph.D 49

Internationalization of English Education: Opportunities and Challenges for Primary Schools in Akwanga Local Government Area, Nasarawa State, Nigeria – Mary G. Egah 61

Psychological Variables as Correlates of Pre-service Teacher’s Professionalism – A. A. Ladan, Ph.D 74

Language and Ideology in Number Plate Slogans of the 36 States of Nigeria and Abuja: A New Horizon – Jackson Archibong Etuk and Vero-Ekpris Urujzian, Ph.D 86

The Rationale and Challenges to Building a Knowledge-based Economy in Nigeria through Technology in the 21st Century – Vincent Chi Ezinwa 97

Influence of Human Resource Development on Teachers’ Job Satisfaction in Secondary Schools in Zone B Senatorial District of Benue State, Nigeria – Ezekiel Dondo Ivagher, Ph.D; Philip Shiaondo Nomayu; Joseph Owobu and Adamu Magaret Ijaguwa 107

Determinants of Antenatal Care Services Utilization by Women in Riverine Communities of South-West Senatorial District of Rivers State, Nigeria – Sogbeye T. George, Ph.D; Felicia S. Ekpu, Ph.D and Nsikak P. Nyoyoko 118

Effects of Bloom’s Mastery and Glaser’s Models on Secondary School Students’ Performance in English Language – Chiazoka K. Inyamah, Ph.D 135

Perceived Influence of Availability of School Facilities on Students’ Performance in Public Secondary Schools in North Central Zone of Nigeria – Inguran Jackson Ter Azever; Ajibola Abdul-Rasaq Ilyas and Terna Akpe 153

Information and Communication Technology (ICT); As a Tool for Teaching and Learning of Christian Religious Studies
for Qualitative Education
– Florence Abiola Dare 165

Meeting the Needs of Sustainable Development in Africa through Engineering Research and Innovation in Education:
The Ghana Science Experience
– Dr. Mohammed Ibn Mukhtar 171

Lecturers’ Readiness to Utilise Internet Resources for Quality Teacher Education in Colleges of Education in Enugu State – Celine Nwadi Etesike, Ph.D 204

Promoting Qualitative Language Education in Nigeria – Maureen Nkechinyere Nzeagwu 214

New Horizon in Teaching and Learning Christian Religious Studies in Secondary Schools in Nasarawa State – Yaro Joseph Bawa 222

Quality Assurance in the Teaching of Entrepreneurship
Education for the Physically Challenged in Nasarawa State

Danjuma A. Ombugus, Ph.D and Rebecca I. Umaru, Ph.D 234

Influence of Quality Control and Supervision of Secondary Education in Benue State, Nigeria – Alphonsus Alfa Idoko, Ph.D and Angelina O. Ogwuche, Ph.D 245

From Old to New Horizons: The Transitional Challenges, Prospects of Girls’ College E-library in North-central Nigeria – Dr. Ugbagir Nancy Ngunan 257

Access to Quality Education by Children with Disabilities in Nigeria – Josephine Nneka Nwabueze, Ph.D and Grace N. Adama, Ph.D 266

Perceived Impact of Non-payment of Teachers’ Salaries on Examination Malpractice in Public Schools in Benue State – Mahmud Pinga, Ph.D; Nguyiman Ahua and Wanhungu Margaret Wombo 276

Student Teachers’ Knowledge, Accomplishment and Stimulation as Predictors of Quality Education in Nigeria – Yusuf Sule Dantani, Ph.D 287

Ambiguity as a Problem in Bringing Out the Intended Meanings in a Piece of Written Discourse – Ogba Thank-God Igiri, Ph.D 297

Need for Continuing Education for Academic Librarians in Colleges of Education Libraries in Nigeria – Abashe Abdurrahman 307

Health Promotion Strategies for Healthy Living, and Well-being for Sustainable Health Across the Life Span – Sogbeye T. George, Ph.D; Felicia S. Ekpu, Ph.D and Christopher A. Udokop 317

Challenges Encountered by Chemistry Teachers in Teaching Practical Chemistry in Secondary Schools in Enugu East
Local Government Area of Enugu State
– Nwaka Idah and Dr. Ngozi M. Eya 331

Productivity and Human Resource Planning in
Nigerian Public Organisation
– Marcel Onyema Eze, Ph.D 344

Influence of Social Media on Academic Performance of Students in Some Selected Senior Secondary Schools in Kaduna Metropolis – Mohammed Kabir Umar; Tanimu Garba Mohammed and Dauda Yau 359

Internationalization of the English Language in Nigeria – Dr. Vero-Ekpris Gladstone Urujzian 369

The Role of Tourism in Enhancing the Nigerian Economy in the 21st Century: Challenges and Prospects – Vincent Chi Ezinwa 376

Assessment of Resources Available for the Teaching and Learning of Teacher Education Programmes in Nigerian Tertiary Institutions – Dr. Stella C. Ezeh and Chinwe A. Njoku 385

Effect of Peer-tutoring Technique on Secondary School Slow Learners’ Acquisition of Keyboarding Skills in Anambra State – Amaka U. Okeke, Ph.D 394