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Vol 7 No. 1


ISSN: 2408 - 6452


Perceived Influence of Staff Development Programmmes on the Performance of Teachers in Public Primary Schools in Asaba, Delta State – Prof. Byron Uzodinma Maduewesi And Emmanuel Nnamaka Nwalado 1

Assessment of Quality Assurance of E-Learning Facilities In Teaching Consumer Behaviour At Baze University, Abuja – Dr. Jamila Shu’ara 15

Outdoor Activities and the Teaching of Classification of Organisms in Schools in Tanzania: the Use of Digital Cameras – Eugenia J. Kafanabo 26

E-Learning in University Education: Need for Quality Assurance and Sustainability in A Globalized World – Stella Ofor-Douglas 46

Health Educators’ Instructional Technological Improvisation As a Remedy for Effective Curriculum Implementation in Covid 19 Pandemic Era – Professor S. D Nwajei; Dr. Samuel A. Awuja And Samuel Ojochegbe G. 70

Optimizing E-Learning Amid the Covid-19 Crisis to Develop and Sustain Information Science in Anambra State of Nigeria – Okeke Fidelis Ifeanyi And Mezue Chibuzor Chidiogo 81

Teaching English Language to Junior School Students in Oyo State, Nigeria Using E-Learning Mode: Quest for Quality Assurance and Sustainability – J.O. Oyekanmi, Ph.D 95

Electronic Learning in Distance Education in Nigeria: Need for Quality Assurance and Sustainable Development –Mark Terlumun Ijov, Ph.D And Margaret Ijaguwa Adamu, Ph.D 113

Human Resource Management Techniques and Viable University Education in Rivers State – Dr. Osaruchi Victoria Sam-Kalagbor 128

Challenges and Prospects of Effective Implementation of Sustainable Functional Educational Psychology in Nigeria – Okiemute Efedoma And Kate Ekedama 140

The Effect of Jigsaw Strategy and Mastery Learning Module on Mathematics Students’ Achievements in Nigerian Schools – Tukur Madu Yemi; Nurulwahida Azid And Ruzlan Md-Ali 151

Lesson Plan and the Relevant Teaching Skills as Instrument for Effective Teaching Practice – Dr. Ndu Ogugua Azubike 168

Implementation and Challenges Of Sustainable Functional English Language Education in Africa: The Nigerian Experiences – Ogba ThankGod Igiri, Ph.D; Jacinta Onyekachi Awa, Ph.D And Martin C. Ogayi, Ph.D 183

Teachers’ Effectiveness Strategies and Students' Attitude to Learning in Public Secondary Schools in Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria – Nkoyo A.Thomas Ph.D And Mary Imo Inyang 195

Public-Private Sectors’ Collaboration for Sustainable Functional University Education in Rivers State, Nigeria – Onyewuchi M. Madu, Ph.D And Sarah O.Osah, Ph.D 209

Functional Education: Meeting the Challenges of Nation Building in Nigeria – Boma Rogers Allison, Ph.D And Sunny A. Dickay, Ph.D 225

Identifying Supervisory Leadership Styles for Teachers’ Effectiveness Towards Sustainable Functional Secondary Education in Sokoto State of Nigeria – Cecilia O. Okonkwo Ph.D 237

Maternal Risk Factors Associated with Low Birth Weight Among Child Bearing Mothers in Anambra State – Prof. E.J. Ibeagha And Nneka Virginia Eze 255

The Role of Vocational Business Education (Vbe) in Meeting The Challenges of Nation Building in Nigeria – Augustine Bassey Etuk, Ph.D 267

Relationship Between Principals’ Leadership Styles And Teachers’ Job Satisfaction In Public Senior Secondary Schools In Kogi East Education Zone, Kogi State, Nigeria – Joel Usman 284

Administration of Higher Education in Nigeria: Realities, Issues and Panacea, Edo State In Focus – Howard Eghosa Uwagboe And Friday Obayuwana 305

Management of Physical Resources for Academic Improvement of Junior Secondary School Students in Rivers State, Nigeria – Dr. Opunne T. Amie-Ogan, Dr. Charles Befii-Nwile And Pritta Menyechi Elenwo 327

Effect of Non Implementation of E- Learning on Accounting Students Performance in Abia State – Kelechi Odii Nwankwo And Chukwuemeka Okoro 343

Critical Issues in the Management of Students in Nigeria Tertiary Institutions – Dr. I. C. Orakwue, And Ogechukwu Nwakaego Emere 360

Investigating Teachers’ Difficult Mathematics Concept for Effective Implementation of Senior Secondary School Curriculum. Implication for Functional Education – Amaka .B Chiakwelu And Mathew M. Bakke 370

Contributions of Parent Teacher’s Association (PTA) on Management of Public Secondary Schools In Benue State, Nigeria – Inguran Jackson Ter Azever Ph.D; Wombo Margaret Wanhungur Ph.D, Kpernyam Linda Nadoo And Chafa Nguhunden Mary 379

Utilization of Community Resources in the Implementation of Environmental Adult Education in Nigeria – Okey Francis Nnamuma And Nneka A. Obikeze, Ph.D 390

Teacher Education in the 21st Century Nigeria–Challenges and the Way Forward – A.G. Ossai, Ph.D 399

The Articulation of the English Consonants by the Ukwuani L1 Speakers of English as L2 - Happy Dumbi Omenogor, Ph.D 410

Rural Migrant Participation in Decision Making and Malnutrition Status among Women in Nigeria - Michael Ndisika, Ph.D 423

Education as a Tool for Women Empowerment in Nigeria - Abigail Agbo Ogoda; Kenneth Ogbu Ode And Simon Ogah Egboja 443

Characteristics and Distribution of Nouns, Nominal Group and Word Formation Processes in Annang and English Syntactic Structures - S. T. Udoka 451