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Vol 12 No 1

Volume 12 No. 1 Nvember, 2021

ISSN: 2350-2401

Sustainable Development In Africa: An Educational Problem – John Koskey Chang’ach 1

Teacher Development for Quality Teacher-Student relationship in Universities in Rivers State – Professor Uchenna Nwiyi and Oriselem Nella Dokubo 11

Improving the Quality of Secondary Education in Nigeria for Security and Sustainable Development – Dr. Cecilia Kwaghmimi Amough 28

Factors Militating Against Quality English Language Teaching and Learning in Colleges of Education in Nigeria – Jane Ihuaku Asonze Ph.D and Chinelo Levi 40

The Role of Librarians in Improving Quality African Education and Sustainable National Development. The Case of Cross River and Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria – Tina Alam Osim and Felicia Nkatv Undie 56

Strategies for Improving Quality Assurance in Primary School Social Studies Curriculum in Nigeria – Emmanuel Nnamaka Nwalado 67

Improving Quality African Secondary Education as a Tool for Sustainable Development and Youth Empowerment; Implication for Counselling – Tabitha Apeize Pever (Ph.D) and Doolumun Charity Yarkwan 82

Improving Quality Primary Music Education for Sustainable Development in Nigeria – M.C. Anya-Njoku, Ph.D and Ige Janet Uzoma 92

Improving the Quality of Continuing Education for Sustainable Growth, Security and Development in Africa – James Ojowu Ochim, Ph.D; Victoria Afoma Ifeanacho, Ph.D; Mary Ogayi Otoja and Uko Francis Adeka, Ph.D 109

Strategies of Promoting Science, Technology and Mathematics Education in Nigeria –Aminu Ahmed Wudil and Rabiu Adamu 119

Improving Quality Technical Education for Sustainable Development in Nigeria – Isaiah O. Ochepo; Elizabeth O. Aladi and Doowuese Adaga 134

Improving Quality Teacher Education for Sustainable National Security and Development in Nigeria – Nwamaka G. Onyebu 144

Quality Education in Nigeria: A Dynamic Approach in Administration of Security for National Development – M-Arkyaah Nongo and Grace Idoko 156

Human Capital Theory for Value Reorientation of Educators in Public Universities in Rivers State – Osaruchi Victoria Sam-Kalagbor 168

Role of Educational Administration and Value Re-Orientationfor Socio-Economic Development in Nigeria – Constance Aniefiok Ekpoafia, Ph.D and Emenike Onyemuche Amadi, Ph.D 183

Teacher Education and Values Re-Orientation Requirements for the Development of University Education in Rivers State – Charles Befii-Nwile (Ph.D) 193

Teacher Education Roles as Correlate of Business Education Management Function for Value Reorientation and Socio-Economic Development – Odim Otu Offem; Adaora Vivian Anyaeji; Enucharia Chinenye Okonkwo and Ogban Kanu Ogban 210

Information and Communication Technology (ICT) and Staff Capacity Building in Selected Public Universities in North Central Nigeria – Ihie Joel Eru Ph.D; James Ojowu Ochim Ph.D and John Agada 227

Application of Reflective Teaching Strategy (Rts) for Quality Instructional Delivery in Colleges of Education in South East Nigeria – Celine Nwadi Etesike Ph.D 251

Curriculum Modelling: Bridging the Skill Gap Between Graduates’ Output and Industry Needs – Ann E. Dijeh and Edet E. Okon, Ph.D 268

Managing Education for Societal Value Re- Orientation: Implications for Educational Administrators and Planners – Dr. H.N.L. Nwankwoala 290

Actualizing Functional Secondary Education for Nation Building in Imo State – Jude O. Adizibemma and Onyewuchi M.Madu Ph.D 307

Observed Restructurings of Some English Phonemes by Some Ụkwuani L1 Speakers of English As L2 - Happy Dumbi Omenogor, Ph.D 322

The Evolution of Modern Linguistic Tools and the Scientific Study of African Languages: An Examination of the DP Hypothesis in Ibiobio and English - Susanna Udoka and Otobong Umoh

Effective Strategies of Managing Education for Sustainable Development - Helen Chibundu Asita, Ph.D